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I had an antique bath tub that was in a horrible condition. When I called Fancy Dom I was told the job could be done that same week. When the technician came, he was friendly neat at work. The whole room was taped up and even the deep rusty scratches were filled in. The clawfeet on it looked like brand new, as if I just had the bathtub installed. It looked great on the inside and out! I wanted to do a pure white color but the technician recommended me to go with off white which is apparently the color that suits antique tubs the best and at the end it really did! My bath tub looks like its out of a magazine. I highly recommend them!

Julia M.

Bathtub Refinishing in NYC

When you cannot look at your bathtub any longer, you may be thinking about tub replacement. As soon as you begin pricing it out, you may find that it is considerably more expensive than you ever thought possible. Bathtub refinishing can be a much more affordable solution, allowing you to keep everything right where it is. Tub refinishing in New York can be done in less than a day, allowing you to gain use of your bathroom, and your bathtub quickly.

Cozy Bath Tub operates in Queens, and elsewhere in NYC to help you with all of your bathtub refinishing needs. You will have the ability to address such issues as undesirable, colors, chipping, stains, scratches on holes, and much more. The refinishing can be done on bathtubs, showers, Jacuzzi tubs, and much more. The company knows no bounds, allowing you to improve any tub or sink in your home.

What to Know About Bathtub Refinishing

The refinishing is a very simple process. The old enamel is dissolved and the old coating is stripped away. From there, acid is applied so that refinishing can begin. All remnants of the old coating are removed and scratches are fixed with a special filler. From there, a new coating can be applied – and you can choose the color as well as whether you want a no slip grip applied. This can dramatically improve the look of your bathtub so that you will want to climb inside it once again.

Tubs inside of hotels, apartment buildings, and homes can be fixed. Bathtub refinishing in New York allows you to save significant amounts of money. Your tub stays in place, which means there is no need to look for a new tub and you don’t have to spend the money on having the old one ripped out and a new one installed. The total cost of bathtub refinishing is a fraction of tub replacement – and that is why this process is becoming more popular.

What to Expect from Bathtub Refinishing

It is important to be honest about everything that you don’t like about your bathtub. Is the color outdated? Are there stains from who knows what? Has soap scum gotten into the surface to the point that it can no longer be cleaned? Cozy Bath Tub can address all of these issues through the process of tub refinishing so that there is no need to be dissatisfied with what your bathroom looks like. You can have the tub of your dreams without the headache of replacing the tub.

When you can even change the color of the tub, it allows you to have the tub that you of always wanted. Maybe you moved into the house and were unable to pick the color of the fixtures. If someone had installed a pink tub because that was the popular color of the decade, you don’t have to live with a pink tub any longer. Refinishing a tub can allow you to change the color – and do so affordably.

All of the problems that you hate about your tub can be fixed. Our technicians are able to repair all sorts of damage through the use of our industrial cleaning process, and keep the area ventilated so that the odors do not escape to other parts of the home. With our exclusive coating and finishing, your tub will be shinier and easier to clean than ever before. Learn more about our tub refinishing by calling today.

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