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I had an antique bath tub that was in a horrible condition. When I called Fancy Dom I was told the job could be done that same week. When the technician came, he was friendly neat at work. The whole room was taped up and even the deep rusty scratches were filled in. The clawfeet on it looked like brand new, as if I just had the bathtub installed. It looked great on the inside and out! I wanted to do a pure white color but the technician recommended me to go with off white which is apparently the color that suits antique tubs the best and at the end it really did! My bath tub looks like its out of a magazine. I highly recommend them!

Julia M.

Bathtub Reglazing in Brooklyn

The moment you step inside of your bathroom, you are going to notice the bathtub. If your bathtub has become an eyesore over the past several years as a result of someone dropping a heavy object, chipping, or even staining and soap scum, tub reglazing can be just what you need to improve the appearance dramatically. This will make it easier for you to walk inside of your bathroom, and like what you see.

Bathtub Reglazing Vs Replacement

Bathtub reglazing in Brooklyn is an affordable alternative to tub replacement. The porcelain and ceramic fixtures and surfaces of the tub are refinished so that they look like new. When the glaze on your tub becomes worn, you have the ability to restore the luster quickly without having to remove the entire tub and buy a new one.

There are more abrasive cleaners on the market than ever before. You may think that you are cleaning the tub, but realistically, you are brushing away all of the glaze that your tub needs to look beautiful. As you do this, the surface becomes more porous and this is when dirt and soap scum gets trapped onto the surface. Over time, your tub looks dirtier and dirtier, no matter how hard you clean.

Bathtub reglazing in New York City can help you to improve the appearance dramatically. The reglazing process takes approximately 4 hours and involves removing the original glaze, fixing any holes and damage, and then reglazing the entire tub. Everything looks brand-new – and this is your chance to change the color of the tub as well.

The Advantages of Bathtub Reglazing

Think about the color that your tub was when it was first installed. It may be ivory, pink, yellow, or started off as white, but is not as bright white as you would like it to be. Throughout the tub reglazing in NYC, you have the ability to change the color. As the tub is being resurfaced, you can talk about any kind of coating that you would like in order to impact of the color.

All of the different problems that you are experiencing with your tub can be addressed. There are also “no slip” adhesive coatings that can be added to the bottom of the tub. This helps to reduce the chances of slip and falls within the tub so that you can climb in with peace of mind.

A synthetic porcelain finish can be applied and bonded to the surface as well. This helps to provide a shiny surface that is very easy to clean. More importantly, there is no chemical residue or mass within the bathroom. Grout lines are then sealed and the chance for mildew growth is reduced if not virtually eliminated.

There is no reason why you should have to replace a tub just because you don’t like the appearance anymore. Regardless of how old it is, there are ways for bathtub reglazing to occur. Throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC, Cozy Bath Tub can help you with the reglazing process. This allows you to fix stains, worn-out surfaces, colors, and anything else that affects the aesthetics.

Replacing a tub can take several days to complete and cost you thousands of dollars because of the demolition required. Why would you do all of this. When there is a more affordable and faster solution? Bathtub reglazing can take approximately 4 hours and allow you to have your bathtub back in use by the end of the day. More importantly, it can cost you less than $500 in total, which is a fraction of the cost, it would be to replace your tub.

Call Cozy Bath Tub today to learn more about the processes and what can be done to give your bathroom the new look that you desire.

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