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I had an antique bath tub that was in a horrible condition. When I called Fancy Dom I was told the job could be done that same week. When the technician came, he was friendly neat at work. The whole room was taped up and even the deep rusty scratches were filled in. The clawfeet on it looked like brand new, as if I just had the bathtub installed. It looked great on the inside and out! I wanted to do a pure white color but the technician recommended me to go with off white which is apparently the color that suits antique tubs the best and at the end it really did! My bath tub looks like its out of a magazine. I highly recommend them!

Julia M.

Bathtub Resurfacing in New York

Your bathtub is one of the first things that is seen when you or anyone else enters the bathroom. You may be moving into a new home, trying to sublease an apartment, or remodel a hotel. Regardless of what you are doing, people need to be comfortable stepping into the tub. If the tub has lost its initial surface and is dirty and stained, no one is going to want to move in, take a shower, or stay inside the hotel. This is why bathtub resurfacing in New York is becoming more popular.

Why not replace the tub?

Many people question whether they should replace the bathtub because of the appearance. If you look at the process to replace the tub, it is expensive because you have demolition aspects to consider. You have to remove the existing tub, buy a new tub, and have that one installed. This can be very expensive and take a considerable amount of time.

Bathtub resurfacing can be done so that your old tub can look like new once again. All of the old enamel is stripped away, and the surface is completely redone. Once the old enamel is off, holes and cracks can be fixed with a special filler. A new surface is then applied, allowing your tub to take on a completely new appearance.

Resurfacing will allow your tub to be smoother, making it easier to clean. The surface that you have inside your tub right now may be rough, and this allows dirt and soap scum to penetrate the surface. This means that no matter how hard you scrub, the stains are not going to go away. The surface can be smooth once again, making sure that your tub looks clean going forward.

Bathtub Resurfacing Offers Options

If you hate the color of your tub, now is the chance for you to change it out. During the bathtub resurfacing in NYC, you can change the color and even add a “no slip” surface at the bottom of the tub. This makes it easier for you to fall in love with your tub all over again – and potentially make it to be the tub that you always wanted it to be. Whether the tub is for you or for someone else, you can make sure that it is a great one to accomplish a better appearance and potentially make it easier to sell property.

When you want to learn more about tub resurfacing in Queens, Brooklyn, or anywhere else in New York City, Cozy Bath Tub is your one-stop shop to provide the renovation. We work quickly and can show you that resurfacing is a fraction of the cost in comparison to replacing the tub. In less than a day, your tub can look brand-new.

Call today and learn more about our services and view our before and after pictures to see the dramatic improvements that have been done on tubs in the past.

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