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I had an antique bath tub that was in a horrible condition. When I called Fancy Dom I was told the job could be done that same week. When the technician came, he was friendly neat at work. The whole room was taped up and even the deep rusty scratches were filled in. The clawfeet on it looked like brand new, as if I just had the bathtub installed. It looked great on the inside and out! I wanted to do a pure white color but the technician recommended me to go with off white which is apparently the color that suits antique tubs the best and at the end it really did! My bath tub looks like its out of a magazine. I highly recommend them!

Julia M.

  • The process of reglazing a tub takes up to 3-5 hours.
  • Prior to the reglazing I finish scratches, rust stains, holes all this work is included in the price set.
  • It doesn't smell to much because I use special ventilation fans.
  • You can use the tub the next morning, the masking paper is usually taken off out something left on, it is very easy to take off yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IN ORDER TO REFINISH YOUR TUB, WE MUST REMOVE OLD SILICON FROM BETWEEN THE BATH TUB AND THE TILE WALL. Please, do not insist that we re-apply the silicon. This is an additional service that takes time and is not included in our price quotes. Also, please do not ask technician to re-assemble previously removed shower doors. We are unable to do this the same day because new enamel needs time to dry up. And we are not able to come back for this the next morning.

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